The new version - the Shopping Cart Hero 3. This is one of the most popular game of today. Here you can try to be the best shopping hero. We have many funny and great stuff in this game. You should collect money, find the best options and things, then buy them to fly the biggest distance that is possible. We have many users playing here, so enjoy this game and let us know what sort of version you like and what do you want to see improvements.

Somebody can think, that this is a just one simple flash game. But that's not right, and if you think so, please just start playing this game. Here player have to make some strategies how to get new stuff from the market and optimize the shopping cart. If you like contact us, please use our contact form and let us know your ideas.
For playing the game, there are many variations, so, its up to you which strategy will you choose and what skills will you firstly buy from the shop market.

Here are the 3 different and nice versions of this game. Shopping Cart Hero 3, as the newest one, has the best structure and options in the market. It is the more nice than the old ones. Please choose one of these 3 versions from these images with your mouse click.

So this page is just for Shopping Cart Hero 3, and you can also check the menu to navigate with the older versions, also we have here Facebook comment system and social buttons. If you really like our webpage, please share it to your friends and comment your opinion.

Hope we will get Shopping Cart Hero the fourth version sooner rather then later.